Transpress is registered for transport according to the Croatian laws with headquarters at Težačka 10, 21218 Seget Donji, Croatia.
For the purposes of business Transpress has a phone number +385 91 282 7777+385 21 881 990  and work with website www.TranspressTransfers.com .

This states that the website www.TranspressTransfers.com and online booking services on this page is owned and operated by Transpress, which you can use under the terms they are for your personal, noncommercial use in accordance with the terms and conditions below.

Carefully read the following terms and conditions for your own information and protection. Terms and Conditions are intended to protect users of the website www.transpresstransfers.com and protection of  Transpress-a. By the creation of the Internet, protection of distracting, confusing and irresponsable, and also illegal actions must be a priority.

Whether accessing and using the website www.transpresstransfers.com or performing booking with us, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and legally committed to the terms and conditions set out below, which from time to time can be modified and published on our site.

If, in any way, you do not comply the terms and conditions listed on this website you automatically lose the right to use this website and any of our services.



Transfer implies the transport of at least one passenger from the starting point, point of meeting to the final point, specified destinations.
If the starting and end points are not mentioned on our site, send us your request and we will contact you with a specially designed offer.
You can choose between more types of transport and vehicles. Prices are determined considering the type of transportation and vehicles you choose and the distance between the starting and ending point.



Reservation is carried out online via the website www.transpresstransfers.com, filling all necessary forms.

Reservations must be made at least 24 hours before execution of the transfer. If the client wants to book transfers within 24 hours, he is obliged to contact our reservations agent by telephone and receive confirmation e-mail.

The person who reserves must be at least 18 years old.

The person who reserves takes the responsibility for the he accuracy and authenticity of data given in the contract.Transpress does not bear any responsibility for any incorrect information given by the user.
The person who reserves in a name of a group, accepts the terms and conditions on behalf of the whole group and is considered to be the holder of the rights and obligations arising from the Terms and Conditions.

To receive your booking we need your credit card details in order to guarantee your reservation. We guarantee that all your personal information and your credit card data will be protected in our system and that we will not be misused in any way.

Transpress is not obliged to accept the reservation, if the reservation is accepted, the customer will receive written confirmation of the reservation to the e-mail address given in the reservation form.

Reservation is considered done and valid when the client receives an e-mail confirmation on which are listed all the given data.
The client has the obligation to warn us if the e-mail confirmation has not arrived or the data is entered incorrectly.
When you receive the confirmation on your e-mail address, your credit card will be charged for the agreed amount of the transfer price and then on your e-mail adress you will receive the invoice with all the reservation details with which we confirm that the transaction has been executed and your account is charged for the agreed amount

After booking online through our website, SMS message or telephone, you have entered into a legally binding contract.



For children up to 5 years, proper baby seat is necessary, since children seat takes up one position in the vehicle, the child counts as an adult passenger.                                                         We provide child / booster seats for free if you request in time reservations.                                                                                                                                                                                             We will make every effort to ensure the disposal of the child seat but we can not guarantee the suitability of the child seat for your child.                                                                                       Using a child seat is entirely the responsibility of passengers, and we can not be responsible or liable for their use.



Passengers with special needs, passengers in wheelchairs are obliged to specify it in reservation form in order to ensure suitable vehicles.



Standard luggage is 2 large suitcases and 1 small handbag, if you have more luggage please inform us in advance about it.
The luggage we do not charge up to 2 suitcases and one carry-on bag per person.
Transpress is not obligated to transport any undeclared luggage, if the vehicle does not have enough space.

Passengers are responsible for their own belongings and we will not accept responsability for any loss or damaged luggage, Transpress is not responsible for the content of luggage that passengers enter in the vehicle.



Each timely change of reservation which includes change of date is not charged.
Changes of the starting and ending points or type of vehicles, number of passengers, luggage, are adjusted in accordance with the prices on our site.



At no additional cost, you can cancel your booking  2 or more days before the transfer execution, in which case the amount paid will be fully refunded.
If the transfer is cancelled within 1 day before the reservation due to “force majeure”, We will not charge any fee.



Vehicles with which we execute the transfer are correct, registered and insured according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

Insurance of the passengers in the vehicle is included in the price of the transfer.

Transpress commits to execute the transfer in a professional manner by the transportation rules and according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.

A passenger whose behavior threatens the safety of other passengers, drivers and other road users will be removed from the vehicle.
A passenger who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances will not be released into the vehicle.



Data of your credit card you provided as a guarantee or transfer and payment transfer services that are visible in a given confirmation after booking, will be protected and will not be available to anyone else except us.
To protect credit card data, we use "Secure Sockets Layer" (SSL) technology and therefore your credit card information completely secure. SSL encryption is a tested procedure that allows your browser to automatically encrypt the data before sending.



We have high ethical standards and we respect your privacy completely.
All the information available to us about you and your credit card is used exclusively for the organization and execution of the transfer.
The data will be available only to our authorized personel  and authorized partners, which means it will not be available to third parties without your permission.



Transpress commits to execute  all services related to the organization of transfers and the transfer itself in a responsible and professional manner according to all transportation customs and regulations and according to the laws of the Republic of Croatia.
We can transfer our rights and obligations partially or fully to a third party of our own choice without prior notice.

Due to the above-mentioned terms  and conditions, we are only responsible for direct damage that you would eventually suffer , and wich incurred in the absence of compliance with obligations that are related to our services.
Transpress or any of its employees shall not be responsable for any criminal responsibility, direct or indirect loss or damage, loss of contracts, any Irregularities regarding information on our website.

Transpress is not responsible for delays in the arrival or departure because of the situation on roads, traffic jams and other unforeseen circumstances (fire, flood) or similar, and this condition is not directly caused by Transpress, in this case, is not obligated to reimburse the customers.
If it is confirmed that the Transpress caused the delay (eg. negligence of the drivers, lack of fuel, etc.), the damage will be reimbursed.

Departure time to your destination is only the suggestion that is created by the agent for standard routes and road conditions, you may not have to accept the offered suggestions for departure time, you can also change them if you consider that you need more time.
When you receive your reservation confirmation, please carefully read it, by acceptance and agreement with what is written, you accept full responsibility for the outcome of the transfer.

If the client, for whatever reason can not establish contact with the driver, it is necessarily to contact Transpress Customer Service by phone: +385 91 282 7777 or +385 21 881 990, where you will receive further instructions.

If the client for any reason can not be at the agreed place in the agreed time, it is obliged to immediately contact Transpress Customer Service by phone: +385 91 282 7777   or +38521881990

If the place of departure is airport, seaport, bus or railway terminal we will wait for you 1 hour after landing of your plane, ferry, bus or train, and if the place of departure is from your home, hotel, office, etc., we will be waiting for you 15 minutes out of really reserved time, outside of this time we reserve the right to charge extraordinary waiting according to our price list or in the event of your not arrival, the entire amount of the reserved transfer be charged.

In case the client is entitled to a refund of the amount paid or a part of the amount paid Transpress commits to refund immediately within the technical possibilities allow.

All pictures and maps that are found on our website serve to exclusively for illustration purposes.

Original Croatian version of these terms and conditions can be translated into other languages but from translated versions you do not get any rights, the main version is in Croatian.

These Terms and Conditions of our services are regulated in accordance with Croatian law and any issues that can not be resolved by agreement, will be settled by the court of competent jurisdiction in Trogir, Croatia.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please contact us by e-mail  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . 

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Published  11/03/2016

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